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Supports confidence and adds visibility across the entire FTA process

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The First Truly Global Solution for Free Trade Agreements

ONESOURCE Global Trade for Free Trade Agreements (FTA) assists companies around the globe in identifying opportunities to qualify goods under FTA-specific rules of origin while reducing risk and eliminating manual processes. Due to its unique architecture, ONESOURCE Global Trade for FTA can accommodate any existing (NAFTA, CFTA, SFTA, AFTA, ILFTA, JFTA, UKFTA, CAFTA, etc.) or future (TPP, TAFTA) free trade agreements.

ONESOURCE FTA Software Features

Analyze data in seconds

Data Gathering and Management – Use your existing data to determine optimal FTA utilization strategies in the case of overlapping agreements and supply chain location decisions

Eliminate unnecessary manual entry

Systematic Origin Determination and Calculation – Apply the latest Rules of Origin (RoO) for current and future FTAs

Real Time Reporting

Document Retention – System-based document retention for easier verification support FTA Compliance Monitoring – Real-time reporting for FTA compliance, including warnings where origin thresholds may be breached

Using FTA software from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE gives you confidence and strengthens your competitive advantage in the global market.

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White Paper

New NAFTA White Paper

TPP: A New NAFTA for the Auto Sector

More than 20 years after NAFTA, another historic trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is shaking up the automotive industry. This white paper examines the TPP in the context of the primary pain points that automotive companies encounter when leveraging trade agreement.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Gain Insight into the TPP and read our review of the top trends affecting global trade professionals in today’s environment. Our team of experts are committed to keeping you in line with the latest trade standards and news on the TPP. Ride the trade winds with confidence, knowing that no matter where they take you, our software will have you covered.

Learn more about the TPP Trade Agreement

Don’t leave money on the table: How to make the most of Free Trade Agreements (1:24)

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