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Reduce time spent on manual tariff code lookup and improve accuracy of product classification

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ streamlines and automates your classification workflow with our Classifier so you can reduce the time and resources spent on classification, increase accuracy and improve collaboration across your organization. You can upload your product database into the application and run a batch classification to assign a six-digit HS code or run an audit to validate their previously classified products, reducing time spent classifying individual products.

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Features of our import/export classification software

Reduce resources and improve classification accuracy

Automate your assignment, management and tracking of classification activities. Classifier sets up tasks for products requiring classification and assigns to individuals based on organizational structure.

Experience semi-automated batch classification & audit

You can upload your product database into our application and run a batch classification to assign a six-digit HS code or run an audit to validate their previously classified products.

Ensure consistency in classification decisions across business units & locations

Customers can create and share product information across their organization by creating single or multiple instances of their product database within Classifier.

Maintain audit trail for classification decisions and tariff code lookup

Attach supporting documentation to your individual product records that support classification, valuation and duty calculations. These may include an HS code classification certificate capturing details on individual product classifications, internal documents/drawings/images, notes, email exchanges and supporting regulatory documents.

Research and Guidance

Also available: Get research, guidance and tools combined with compliance software for all your classification needs – with ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint.

ONESOURCE Global Trade Classifier PDF - 820kb

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