TIN Compliance & eStatement Services

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has the software and services you need to centralize TIN compliance and eStatements. For companies without the resources for in-house processing, our professionals can relieve as much or as little of the burden as you like.

TIN Compliance software solution for your B-Notice form

Staying TIN compliant is an organizational chore. Businesses must process first and second B-Notices, keep track of their respective deadlines, and then have them on file for three years. Amidst such a time-consuming task, it’s easy to miss potential errors in payee records or TIN information.

TIN Compliance through ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting helps decrease manual efforts, increases organization and compliance, and reduces the risk of errors and penalties.

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting software lets you enter B-Notices manually or import the information using CP2100/B-Notice CD from the IRS. Our software will create a separate B-Notice record for each unique combination of TIN, name, tax year and payer. The system keeps B-Notices on file for the current year plus three previous years according to IRS rules.

Once you enter the date the B-Notice file is received, ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting calculates 30 business days in the future and creates a return deadline date that is printed on B-Notice letters and W-9 forms. The system generates first B-Notice letters along with substitute W-9 forms, and then generates second B-Notice letters. The software also compares your information to what’s in the IRS payee record, which helps cut down on B-Notice errors. You can also match 972CG penalty notices to TIN history and B-Notice data.

eStatement software solution for your online tax forms

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting has an eStatement solution that provides Internet access to tax forms for your clients. It enables them to access your company’s website directly to retrieve their 1099 forms.

Using ONESOURCE eStatement, recipient access to tax forms is completed with the recipient’s current log-on and authentication process to your system. Recipients can view and print copies immediately without having direct access to the ONESOURCE system – they simply see a link on your website that enables them to retrieve a copy of their tax forms.

Because tax form data is available in real time, corrections or changes can be accessed any time with rules that you determine.

Our solutions also offers tracking for recipients who have provided consent to receive an electronic recipient statement and prefer a “paperless” tax form. There is an “opt-in” option, which enables your clients to receive electronic delivery of their forms.


  • Provides access to real-time tax forms (electronic statements) for your recipients via the Web
  • Tracks recipients that have consented to receive an electronic statement
  • Provides separation of what should be printed versus what forms will be accessed electronically
  • Enables recipients to easily print duplicate or access original 1099 forms


  • Decreases lead time necessary to print forms using a print vendor
  • Offers cost savings by eliminating postage and printing costs
  • Provides an environmentally friendly corporate solution