W-8/W-9 Tax Form W-8/W-9 reporting software that delivers for Foreign Financial Institutions

Thomson Reuters is expert at identification, validation and reporting for both foreign and domestic information. Our robust W-8/W-9 solution automates the compliance process around payments to foreign vendors for services, royalties and licensing fees, rents, interest, etc.

Simplify your form process with our W-8/W-9 Solutions

Our ONESOURCE software and services help establish and maintain a process to ensure that your process stays in step with evolving IRS regulations for W-8/W-9 reporting by preparing:

  • Form W-9
  • Form W-8 BEN

Mitigate potential penalties and fines by identifying and validating existing and new individuals and produce reports to help your business stand up to any compliance scrutiny.

We know part of the complexity you face is in the ability to manage W9/W8 tax form data for a large number of recipients. ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting assists with the automation of this process and the tracking of these activities. When you get a penalty notice (972CG), you can use the data in ONESOURCE to abate those penalties. We realize it is important that you demonstrate a process of complying with the requirement to get a TIN for everyone you are paying and we are here to help.

For more information visit ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting solution for TIN Compliance.

For more information about how W-8/W-9 relates to FATCA ready about ONESOURCE AEOI Documentation software.