DocumenterIntuitive transfer pricing documentation software

Intuitive transfer pricing documentation software has your vision within reach

Managing transfer pricing requirements continues to be one of the greatest challenges for multinational corporations (MNCs). New documentation requirements that increase the volume of data to be scrutinized, means a heightened need for consistent reporting.

Alleviate this pressure by utilizing a more intuitive transfer pricing documentation software – like the completely redesigned Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Documenter.

Why Documenter?

With Documenter, refreshed and redesigned for 2018, you can compile, analyze and manage your transfer pricing documentation for tax authorities with greater consistency and efficiency. Documenter provides an intuitive solution for efficient preparation of consistent, customized global transfer pricing documentation reports.

  • Powerful Reporting: Don’t waste time and effort building out reports from scratch every time. Now, you can create custom reports in any structure, layout and format you prefer. Create templates to build out a central content library to leverage across reports to ensure consistency.
  • Optimized User Experience: Our new user interface provides a guided approach to preparing transfer pricing documentation for novice users while allowing more seasoned transfer pricing professionals more autonomy in their workflow to prepare documentation.
  • Integration with ONESOURCE Platform: Import/export data to/from Documenter using the Workpapers Excel Add-In or use a direct connection to share data seamlessly with the transfer pricing product suite.
  • Enhanced Transfer Pricing Analysis: Expedite data delivery utilizing new and improved comparables search and analysis capabilities.
  • Multi-user collaboration: Collaborate with your colleagues across the globe to gather, review and share content and final transfer pricing documentation reports.
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