Fiduciary Calendar

Stay in control with the ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration Fiduciary Calendar module. It provides a detailed calendar/checklist composed of several specific ticklers, as well as a general calendar designed for the management of trust and estate deadlines.

There’s no need to input each deadline. The system automatically calculates when the 1040, 1041, 706, 709, state inventory and other items are due and allows for the inclusion of any miscellaneous dates as a reminder for particular clients.

Reports include:

  • Master list of tasks/due dates can be viewed in agenda, monthly, weekly or daily format
  • Death tax checklist
  • Income tax checklist
  • Customized reminders/checklists
  • State specific probate reminders/checklists

The Fiduciary Calendar module is integrated with the Fiduciary Accounting and 706 products.