Audit Manager Manage your audits with consistency and transparency

Audit Manager

Organized for every audit

When it comes to tax audits, details count. Get a clear picture of those details with ONESOURCE Audit Manager. Our audit management software provides the consistency and organization that corporate tax departments need to survive any tax audit — and even multiple simultaneous audits — with efficiency and ease.

Audit management made easier

Tax audits are inevitable. Maintaining organization (and composure) during your audit period can be a momentous task. From managing information document requests, compiling the necessary data for an accurate response, and meeting deadlines, audit defense challenges are endless. And with the dispersion of documentation in paper and paperless formats, it’s nearly impossible to substantiate your tax audit requirements.


How you support your tax audit can make the difference between a routine process and a drawn-out, potentially costly one. You need an audit management software that allows you to quickly gather the internal information you need, one that creates a clear trail with answers to the most complex questions and positions, and keeps track of external notices and deadlines.

One central location

ONESOURCE Audit Manager helps you put all of the details in place to support any tax audit. Gone are the old filing boxes full of paperwork and illegible sticky notes. ONESOURCE Audit Manager software allows you to store, track and view online worksheets, hard-copy data, as well as government information requests, proposed adjustments, transactions and settlements — all in one central location.

Increased visibility

Our audit management software pays attention to the details, and can keep track of IDRs by line item. With heightened visibility into the status of your tax audit process, you can manage due dates and coordinate activity among the individuals involved in the audit. Plus, you can grant access to people in other departments, so that tax, accounting and legal departments all share the same clear and concise information.

Fully integrated

ONESOURCE Audit Manager is integrated with ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager, giving you the ability to seamlessly create workflows that will drive tasks. This is one more way to effectively control the tax audit process, and successfully work on multiple audits at once.

So minimize the risk of time consuming, expensive tax audits. With ONESOURCE Audit Manager, you can make the tax audit process as professional as everything else you do.