Income Tax — United States Corporate income tax filings with speed and ease

Income Tax — United States

The most complete and comprehensive corporate tax solution on the market today

ONESOURCE Income Tax is the most widely-recognized corporate tax solution on the market today; it allows companies to manage, complete and e-file the federal, state and local corporate tax returns with accuracy and efficiency. With ONESOURCE Income Tax you’ll receive unparalleled corporate tax expertise, award-winning technology and unmatched customer service.

The most familiar name in corporate income tax technology

For over 40 years the technology underlying ONESOURCE Income Tax has enabled accounting firms and corporations to complete their corporate tax returns with speed and ease. This longevity means that the staff in your tax department will be familiar with ONESOURCE Income Tax from day one. Take comfort knowing that your tax department is operating with a tax software that has more trained users than any other available.

Let ONESOURCE complete the e-file for you

With ONESOURCE, corporate tax return forms and schedules are transferred to the IRS electronically. Check status easily from your desktop or from any mobile device with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE mobile. Rest assured that your corporate tax technology processes more tax returns than any other solution on the market today.

Integration across the ONESOURCE corporate tax suite

Automate your corporate income tax lifecycle by sharing information between your income tax return and provision software, and use ONESOURCE data management tools to seamlessly collect and organize your tax sensitive data.

Everything you need for your U.S. federal, state and local corporate income tax returns

With ONESOURCE Income Tax:

  • Simplify the determination of the U.S. tax benefits derived from international operations with calculations for foreign tax credits, foreign earnings and profits and deemed paid credits.
  • Enable federal corporate income tax compliance and preparation while providing a comprehensive tax accounting system for trial balance management.
  • Quickly collect, calculate and summarize state apportionment factors with ONESOURCE Income Tax state functionality.

Accomplish More with ONESOURCE Income Tax

Hear how ONESOURCE Income Tax has helped these tax departments become more fast, accurate, and efficient.

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Customer Insights

I started with my company in September and immediately implemented ONESOURCE Income Tax. We were filing our first return in-house the next September.

Cindy Petot
Belden Inc. On the speed with which she brought ONESOURCE Income Tax live in her department