Firm Edition End-to-end tax process solutions for global accounting firms

Firm Edition

Enhance your client service experience with ONESOURCE

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, global accounting firms must navigate increased regulatory complexity and volatility, foster a loyal customer base, attract top talent, enable collaboration across a global network, and drive differentiation.

ONESOURCE Firm Edition offers an innovative, end-to-end tax process solution that aligns global tax compliance solutions, a workflow solution, data management, document management and client collaboration, all in one innovative platform, enabling global accounting firms to increase competitiveness and differentiation.

With ONESOURCE Firm Edition, accounting firms achieve greater efficiency through process standardization, data integration, improved transparency and collaboration across the tax lifecycle. From initial engagement setup through e-file, we empower firms to enhance their client service experience and help their customers complete all of their compliance and reporting requirements.

Our approach

Our approach centers around client-serving professionals:

  • Step 1: Engagement setup
  • Step 2: Gather and validate client data
  • Step 3: Analyze data and create workpapers
  • Step 4: Calculate tax provision
  • Step 5: Calculate income tax
  • Step 6: Review and sign off
  • Step 7: Packaging and printing return
  • Step 8: Delivery to client
  • Step 9: eFile returns with tax authorities
ONESOURCE Firm Edition uses a nine-step process to from engagement setup all the way to eFile returns with tax authorities. All centered around client-serving professionals

Our solutions

Audit Management

R&D Tax Credit Manager

Global Tax Planning

Custom solutions

Because each Firm is unique and requires the ability to differentiate itself in the market, we have a dedicated team to:

  1. Build custom solutions for our Firms
  2. Integrate Firm built systems with ONESOURCE solutions
  3. Integrate 3rd party systems/tools with ONESOURCE solutions and
  4. Customize ONESOURCE solutions to meet the unique needs of our Firms.

ONESOURCE leverages the firm’s distincitive capabilities and value drivers to design a solution that best fits their goals and objectives.

Professional services

Implementing tax process solutions requires a range of professional services and subject matter expertise in order to ensure a successful deployment, especially as Firms undertake transformational projects. That is why we have a Firm Edition team that is dedicated to all aspects of an implementation, ranging from project management to process consulting to rollout support.