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R&D Tax Credit Manager
Maximize your research and development tax credit

Why choose R&D Tax Credit Manager

For US companies, federal and state tax credits for research and development can be significant. Given the size of the benefit and its direct impact on offsetting taxable income, it has become one of the most scrutinized, audited areas in tax — which means keeping meticulous documentation is a must. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE R&D Tax Credit Manager combines comprehensive, web-based software with professional services to identify qualifying research and development activities and help maximize your tax credit. Our experienced team is here to help you manage all aspects of the R&D tax credit process, from software integration to long-term management.

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R&D Tax Credit Manager in action

Find out how you can automate the collection, tracking, calculating, and reporting functions of the R&D tax credit process.


What you get with our research and development tax credit software

Data collection and monitoring

Collect tax data with user-friendly surveys, then track R&D progress with a dedicated dashboard.

Calculation and analysis tools

Calculate research tax credits to determine your optimal tax position.

Enhanced decision-making

Make more strategic decisions for your business with "what-if" scenarios and year-over-year comparisons.

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