ACA Decision Support Tool

An effective ACA strategy for tomorrow
starts with knowing where you stand today.

The mind-numbing complexity of the ACA, potentially harsh tax and financial consequences for noncompliance, and the continual avalanche of new regulations have created unprecedented new challenges for businesses. Tax practitioners will find themselves on the front lines, as much of the ACA will be administered through the Internal Revenue Code and by the Internal Revenue Service. Final “play or pay” regulations are now out, and for larger employers, the January 2015 deadline is fast approaching.

Be prepared to meet your clients’ or company’s needs with the new ACA Decision Support Tool on Checkpoint.

Employer Shared Responsibility Tax Video

See an overview of the employer shared responsibility requirement – plus important upcoming dates

With the ACA Decision Support Tool, simply input employer-specific data to generate a customized analysis of the ACA’s impact, including a determination of whether a business is an applicable large employer subject to the employer shared responsibility rules and the potential play or pay penalties. You can also assess the impact of adding or dropping employees, converting employees from full-time to part-time status, or increasing or decreasing employees’ share of premiums. See practical applications of the tool.

Throughout the program, helpful embedded guidance explains the purpose and importance of the inputs and calculations. You will have the ability to run an unlimited number of scenarios and reports, and the tool will be continually updated to reflect the evolving rules and regulations associated with the Affordable Care Act.

Key Benefits

ACA Decision Support Tool provides these key benefits:

  • Excel in a “most trusted advisor” role
  • Help businesses minimize taxes and penalties associated with the ACA
  • Demonstrate the impact of multiple coverage scenarios and confidently recommend the best scenario for the client
  • Enhance the practitioner’s relationship with the business owner(s) or management team
  • Generate fees from premium value-added service

Practical Applications

Practical applications of the ACA Decision Support Tool include:

  • Determining number of full-time equivalent employees
  • Determining whether the employer is an “applicable large employer” subject to employer shared responsibility requirements
  • Determining the impact of the employer shared responsibility (“play or pay”) requirements over multiple years
  • Assessing the impact of adding or dropping employees
  • Assessing the impact of increasing or decreasing employee contributions to the cost of coverage
  • Assessing the impact of converting employees from full-time to part-time status
  • Determining a strategy for defining Measurement, Administrative, and Stability Periods within the requirements of the ACA for purposes of ongoing ACA compliance and reporting
  • Evaluating the “affordability” of health care coverage
  • Allowing employers and their advisors to better understand the relevant requirements of the ACA, remain compliant, minimize taxes, and avoid penalties

The complex questions raised for employers by the ACA present a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate your value to your clients or company and help them proactively prepare for the challenges and opportunities brought about by healthcare reform.

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