Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang

Yanbin (Kevin) Wang, joined Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting as part of ONESOURCE Global Trade in 2014. In the past 15 years Kevin has participated in a wide range of special scheme management projects for various industry leading companies. Including helping clients establish standardized trade compliance processes, he has also aided these companies in facilitating compliance with government regulatory requirements while simplifying supply chain processes and reducing costs. Kevin has led many international Multi-National Companies in the areas of processing trade implementation and enterprise upgrade projects while assisting customers in business communication and technical issues with customs. Kevin has also taken part in the coordination of multiple pilot projects under special customs scheme leading to a vast wealth of experience in special customs scheme.

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China Uses Innovative Methods to Stimulate Processing Trade

Blog, Global Trade, ONESOURCE September 28, 2018

The theory of processing trade was introduced in China over 30 years ago. It has since facilitated a rapid expansion of Chinese export activities by providing unique protectionist policy advantages like duty and license exemption programs.  About 30% of China’s trade volume falls under a processing trade module.  China has also signed multiple free … Read More

How Automation Solutions Help Enterprises Maintain High AEO Levels in China

In the past month, I’ve received several phone calls from previous clients asking about Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) re-certification. It seems these high level AEO enterprises are facing challenges and do not have a clear understanding of all the local AEO requirements. Failing to pass AEO certification would mean a potential loss of preferential benefits. … Read More

China New Customs Inspection Changes

Blog, Global Trade, ONESOURCE December 29, 2016

On 19 June 2016, the China State Council released the Decision of Revising Customs Inspection Rules of the People’s Republic of China (State Council Announcement [2016] No.670), which took effect on 1 October 2016. Because the last version of Customs Inspection Rules was released in 1997, the State Council spent two years trying to understand … Read More

China Tire Industry Is Facing A Storm

Blog, Global Trade August 5, 2016

2015 was an awful year for China’s tire industry, as evidenced by the annual figures from China’s tire makers; noting sales down by 20% or more. In the newest report from China Customs (dated Jan 2016), China exported 44.451 million new pneumatic rubber tires. This represents 6.6% decrease year-over-year and an Export Value of USD … Read More