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Talent Acquisition and Retention

Attracting Talent 101

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

How do you attract top accounting talent? How do you find the candidates that will thrive in your firm and help your firm thrive? Start implementing these 4 tips into your hiring process and you will be able to attract the talent you’ve been looking for. 

1. Articulate Values 

Candidates want to know your firm. What do you stand for? What do you value? Will they be a good fit? These questions can be answered by your firm by easy advertising. Your mission statement, core values, and goals should be easily accessible to everyone. The job posting is a simple way to articulate what you value to the candidates. By making these accessible you’re allowing for like-minded candidates to see how they fit within your firm, but, if they do not know how your values compare to their own these strong compatible people might get lost in the weeds. Establish your values from the get-go and make them accessible to all. 

2. Company Culture 

While a job description is a great chance to display the kind of work and tasks that’s required of a candidate, it can be more difficult to describe what working with your firm is like. What kind of environment is it? If you have already articulated your values to them, now it is time to show them how those values are applied to the work life. What kind of polices, programs, and support does your firm provide to staff? If these questions are answerable from a candidate’s point of view, they will not only be able to see your company in a more wholistic sense, they will also start to understand how they fit in and get them excited at the opportunity to work with you. Top candidates will identify as compatible with your values and the culture that helps those values be implemented. But these candidates might not stand out if they cannot recognize your culture and their compatibility.  

3. Establish consistent hiring practices and procedures that take into consideration both the candidate’s and your company’s perspectives. 

The modern working culture has shifted drastically. The younger generation of workers values being heard and feeling seen. These values trickle into the hiring process. Consider your candidate’s perspective when formulating your hiring process. If your candidates do not feel respected, they will lose interest. When you take into account their perspective you are able to help your candidates establish a positive relationship with your leadership and hiring teams from the get-go, while also communicating the values.  

4. Highlight Growth 

New hires want to be full of hope. Show them what the firm has to offer, and where they can grow both professionally and personally. The modern firm is one that offers its employees chances to develop their professional skills in workshops, seminars, and leadership opportunities. They provide continual vibrant education to keep their team engaged and never stagnant. By showing your potential new hires these opportunities, you help them see a bit into their future. You are able to grab the attention of the future thinking candidates and help them think about the future with your firm.  

The hiring process might seem intimidating. Show your candidates who you are, and you are sure to find the right fit for your firm. If you can articulate your values, show off our company culture, consider the candidate’s point of view, and highlight growth opportunities you will be able to attract top talent. 

To learn more about how you can optimize culture to retain talent, read this whitepaper on how to manage and retain top talent in your firm.

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