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3 Steps to a Fresher Website

Accounting Firms, Marketing November 19, 2012

Everybody knows the importance of keeping website content fresh. It builds website traffic, it improves your search engine results, and it improves your firm’s image.

So, when is the last time you added fresh content to your website? If you’re like most accounting firms, it has been a year ago or more. And really, that’s too long. Monthly updates are ideal, but even quarterly updates will put you solidly ahead of the pack. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know how difficult it seems to constantly create new content. Coming up with fresh content for this blog can certainly be a challenge. But I’ve learned a few tricks over the past few years, and I think they just might help you keep your website fresh. 

Repurpose content from other sources: Do you publish a print or email newsletter? Then why not include articles from it on your website? You can feature and rotate articles on the home page and archive the entire newsletter elsewhere on the website. 

Create a schedule: Creating a pre-determined update schedule will help you establish a pattern of regular updates. So you might try placing a reminder on your Outlook calendar, or even blocking off some time months in advance to create new content. 

Write down new ideas as they come to you: Create a document called “Web Topics” or something similar. Then, anytime you have an idea for a potential website article, write it down. It might come from a question that clients ask over and over, from an observation that you made, or from something that you read, saw, or heard. You may not have time to write the article immediately, and it’s probably better that you don’t. Just make sure you write down the idea while it’s fresh in your mind. This way, when you need to come up with a new article, you’ll have a variety of options ready to choose from. 

As you start developing more ideas for content, you may actually find that you can increase your frequency to monthly or even more often. But even quarterly updates will put you in the top 10% of accounting firm websites. You just need to get started.