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5 Hotspots Your Email Content Can Visit This Labor Day Weekend

Blog, Checkpoint, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing August 31, 2018

Guest Author: Daniel Klizas

With Labor Day just four days away, many people are looking forward to taking time off and traveling for the holiday weekend. Before you go on vacation, think about a few trips that your email content should take as well. With a little content packing and a way to get there, your email content can have the time of its life visiting these five hotspots around the world wide web:


The first recommended stop on your email content’s worldwide tour is blogs. Blogs are like luxury hotels for email content, allowing you to take liberties and expand upon topics that didn’t necessarily fit in your email communications.


Your email content wants to visit Vlogland, where it can show off its personality behind the words. All this trip takes is content, knowledge of the material, a video camera or smartphone, and pressing record. Vlogs are a place where you can really have fun and be informative, while enabling others to put a face to a name and get to know you better.


Email content can be social, too. It enjoys being social and interacting with even more people than are on your email distribution list. Facebook is an ideal hangout for your email content. Pack up your newsletter articles and send them off to Facebook with a relevant image carry-on to increase engagement and drive traffic to your article or website landing pages.


If your email content is looking for a quick trip, Twitter is the place to be! Although limited to 140 characters, Twitter can be one of the most rewarding journeys your email content can take. If the length worries you, just remember that you can add a link to the whole story so your followers can follow the trail.


Perhaps you’re looking for a place that has a large audience like Facebook, but caters to a more professional clientele? Then LinkedIn is the perfect place for your email content.  Personalize your content with your expert opinion or editorial comments and solicit feedback from your clients, prospects and referral sources to make the most of your stay.

Enjoy Your Trip

Get more mileage out of your email content. Pack up your email content and book a trip to one or more of these online destinations.

Click here for a full travel guide for your email marketing content.



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