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The Personality Pie: A Recipe For Marketing Success

Blog, Business Strategy & Development, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing, Professional Development April 12, 2018

As noted in a previous post, personality is the key to more business opportunities. But how do you bake personality into your firm’s digital communications?

There is no perfect recipe for incorporating personality into your accounting marketing communications and strategy. That being said, there are some basic ingredients that will give your prospects and clients a taste of what your firm is all about.

Begin your marketing pie with a heaping scoop of charisma. Add a dash of relatability and a pinch of value. Throw in a handful of interesting content. Season generously with expertise. Sprinkle in some wit, humor and light-heartedness when appropriate. Mix together and make adjustments as needed.

One way to ensure personality flavors your marketing messages is to approach them as though you were telling your friends a story. Show, don’t tell. Express, don’t recite. Personality instinctively comes out when you tell a story. Everything has a story behind it. The trick is how you tell it.

Write your “stories” the same way you would deliver them in person to a wide-eyed audience that hangs on your every word. If you’re like most people, you typically show less personality in your writing than you emote during natural speech. Mull that over for a second. If face-to-face communication naturally raises the amount of personality exposed, maybe videos would be the best way to start expressing more personality in your marketing (especially if you’re new to the marketing personality quotient concept).

If you’re camera-shy, you can raise the personality quotient in your blog posts and articles by intentionally expressing a conversational tone and adding in some real or theoretical examples, rather than just regurgitating technical jargon.

Ready to infuse more personality into your email and social media marketing messages? Boost your digital marketing personality quotient with these quick-start ideas:

  • Publish a series of one-minute videos or written “thought of the day” one-liners (accompanied by a stunning and relevant photo) through your email newsletter and social media platforms that discuss your personal insight on some aspect of your area of expertise, industry or hot topic of the moment
  • Add extra personalization to your newsletter/blog subscribers’ welcome messages by using a friendly, conversational tone, something a little bit unexpected and personal, and remember to include your contact information, signature, and photo
  • Try to write the same way you speak when talking to your spouse or your friends (conversational tone); if you can’t get used to it at first, try “dictating” your article to yourself using your smartphone’s recorder, and then transcribe the article
  • Post photos of yourself and other key team members whenever you host firm activities, attend community events, participate in charitable activities or engage in personal hobbies
  • Introduce all new team members (not just professional staff) in creative and wonderful ways by using video, audio, photography, prose, haiku, crossword puzzle or some other engaging method
  • Create a “10 Favorite Things” editorial interview series where you interview various team members with the same list of 10 things, showcasing diversity and creativity among your staff and post the interviews with colorful photos on your website, blog, social media pages and email newsletter

The capacity for injecting personality into your marketing messages is limitless and need not alter your reputation as a credible professional advisor. Consumers embrace personality and seek out providers they can relate to on a human level.

Have a bit of fun and cook up a personality pie in your marketing messaging. It will help differentiate you from the competition, attract more prospects and help you build long-term relationships, all of which is essential for business continuity and success.

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