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Halloween Marketing Can Be Scary Good For Your Brand

Blog, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing October 3, 2016

Are you using Halloween to its maximum potential in your marketing efforts?

You don’t have to be in retail to take advantage of one of the most popular holidays of the year in your marketing strategy. October offers oodles of creative opportunities to increase brand awareness, reach new markets, and jump-start your holiday marketing.

Did I say holiday marketing? In October? Yep. According to Experian, 49% of marketers planned to launch their Christmas campaigns before Halloween. Stores are stocking holiday decorations right next to bite-sized chocolate bars and candy treats. There are heaps of social media posts from consumers who claim to be outraged that Santa is sitting on the shelf right next to Jack O’Lantern.

There may not be much you can do about the stocking and promotion habits of department and convenience stores, but there is something you can do about your own marketing. If you haven’t started drafting your marketing plan for the holiday season yet, you’d better buckle down. There are only a few weeks left before the major year-end holidays are upon us.

In the meantime, don’t forget to maximize the potential of Spooky Season. Halloween marketing can be scary good for your brand and there are a dozen ways you can use Halloween themes to reach and engage more prospects, fans and followers – gaining additional visibility, engagement and potential business opportunities in the process. Halloween marketing can be very rewarding.

The following infographic from Antavo shows you how to tap into the excitement and buzz of Halloween to grow your fan base or newsletter list. Using your corporate Facebook page, consider hosting a contest – such as a pet photo, pumpkin carving or costume contest – or a sweepstakes prize for newsletter sign-ups during a specific time frame. Contest ideas are included in the infographic below.

Not sure how any of these contests relate to your accounting firm?

Put on your creativity cap and put your own spin on them…

  • For the pumpkin-carving challenge, ask fans to carve their company’s logo into a pumpkin
  • For the pet costume challenge, ask fans to create a mock mascot for their company (or for yours!) using a pet
  • For the costume challenge, ask fans to dress like an “unusual” accountant and submit their photos

If you’re giving away a great prize, you might be surprised at how many submissions you get. And if you get a lot of great submissions, you might be surprised at how many new fans (ahem, prospects) you might reach and engage.

If video marketing is more up your alley than social media contests, consider creating a short video of your pet “speaking” – similar to the “Clark the talking dog” viral video – but have your pet share whatever message makes sense for your brand.

If you aren’t leveraging this fun holiday in your marketing efforts, you are missing out on a freaky good opportunity to introduce your brand to new prospects and enhance your brand through the “human touch” with existing prospects and clients.