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Use email newsletters to nurture and inspire

Blog, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Marketing March 27, 2017

There are many other service providers out there with the same bag of goods to offer. You need to differentiate yourself from those other guys and ensure that the relationships you forge are strong enough to withstand a little competition. How do you build all of those relationships when there are only 24 hours in the day? You can’t be expected to call, email, meet, lunch with or otherwise personally connect with everyone you know on a weekly basis. But you also know that you must keep in touch with clients and contacts regularly and remind them that you are not only the best at what you do, but also completely accessible to meet their needs on a variety of matters.

Begin building those relationship bridges by proactively providing communications that educate, inform and entertain (even if only a little bit). Email newsletters are the perfect media for accomplishing this. Actively engage your clients, prospects and referral sources while remaining unobtrusive and avoiding offense by timing your email newsletter just right (not too often, but often enough) and making your messages as valuable as a face-to-face meeting, lunch date, or golf outing with you personally.

So many email newsletters today are chock-full of the same old song and dance: buy this, buy here, buy me. Consumers today are exhausted by sales pitches. They don’t want to be sold. If you are going to deploy an email newsletter that launches on any kind of frequency (in order to boost your top-of-mind awareness quotient), how do you ensure that your contacts value your content and appreciate your efforts to bond with them electronically? How do you know it will actually help you develop and grow those relationships?

People want to be nurtured and inspired. Avoid using your email platform as a recurring advertising campaign that merely promotes your services and products. If you send out essentially the same content over and over again, you are teaching your clients and contacts to ignore your messages. Instead, provide communications that give your readers some meaty information to chew on while also inviting them in for a behind-the-scenes look at the key team members who serve them.

When you provide digital communications that are branded to your firm and brimming with unique, insightful and informative content, you reinforce your status as a reliable, accessible source of quality information. Regularly providing human communications with timely, relevant and educational content is another key to building top of mind awareness.

“Education is a kind of continuing dialogue.”

-Robert Hutchins

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