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How Can We Help You Keep Your Data Secure?

CS Professional Suite, Technology August 28, 2014

Thomson Reuters has a long history of providing secure in-firm and cloud technology. Here are just two of the ways we’re working to keep your data as secure as you expect it to be.

Type 2 SOC2 Audits

In addition to the Enterprise security audits we’ve performed for many years and the Type 1 SSAE 16 audit we completed last year for NetFirm CS, we’ve now completed Type 2 SOC2 audits for NetFirm CS (Virtual Office CS, Software as a Service [SaaS], NetClient CS), GoFileRoom, and AdvanceFlow. These audits are based on the Trust Principles as defined by the AICPA with no exceptions.

Remote Security Wipe

Do you host Microsoft® Exchange in Virtual Office CS or SaaS? Do you worry about staff accessing their Exchange account through their mobile devices, and then losing the device?

Your firm can request a remote security wipe of a mobile device that is synced with Microsoft Exchange when it’s hosted through Virtual Office CS or SaaS. The remote security wipe will remove your Microsoft Exchange email, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks from the device (without wiping out any unrelated personal data, such as photos and videos). The staff member can either log in to Virtual Office CS/SaaS from any web browser and email the request, or your firm’s administrator can make the request.

Note for staff who use Mobile CS in conjunction with Practice CS: Data is never stored locally on your mobile device, so a stolen device wouldn’t allow anyone access to your Practice CS information.

View the Remote Security Wipe help topic for more information.

These are just two examples of the measures we take to guarantee the safety of your data.