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Microsoft Ending Windows XP Support – Actions You Must Take Now to Ensure Software Continuance after June 30, 2014

CS Professional Suite, Technology April 17, 2014

As we alerted you in August 2013, Microsoft® ended its extended support for Windows® XP on April 8, 2014. (Learn more about the Windows Lifecycle in this Microsoft fact sheet.) While most firms have already moved off XP completely or are in the process of doing so, we know from responses to our annual UltraTax CS user survey conducted in 2013 that some firms are still operating with one or more PCs running XP.  

Thomson Reuters Will End Formal Support of All CS Professional Suite Software on the XP Operating System as of June 30, 2014

As we release updates to many of our software offerings, we will require a supported operating system to install these updates.  For full details on each product you may use, please see the Support Timeline for Windows XP.

From a Practical Standpoint, What Does the End of Windows XP Extended Support Mean? 

It’s much more than the end of enhancements or added functionality. Microsoft stopped developing enhancements (mainstream support) to XP in 2009. The discontinuation of extended support in 2014 means there will be no more updates at all, for any reason. With this change, security is a main concern. For example, if a security flaw is identified, Microsoft will not release an update and will not be responsible for repairing the defect. Additionally, performance may continue to dwindle as long as you operate in the XP environment.  

Which Operating System is Best for Your Firm: Windows 7 or Windows 8?

That’s a decision you’ll need to consider carefully, based on the longevity of the new operating system (again, please refer to the Windows Lifecycle fact sheet), its learning curve, your software, and the cost differences. We recommend discussing your options with your trusted network technician or IT staff to determine the best choice for your firm.  Microsoft provides a comparison of the two operating systems at, and you can find many other articles by technology experts online. You may also want to seek advice from other practitioners in the ARNE community

We’re Here to Help

As we all adjust to this transition by Microsoft, remember that we’re here to help you with your tax and accounting software questions during your move to a new operating system. Our Help & How-To Center has an informative article about migrating CS Professional Suite applications from one server to another; this help topic is also applicable to migrating the suite from one workstation to another, if you install the program(s) or data locally.