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Why You Need Social Media to Remain Relevant

Accounting Firms, Blog, CS Professional Suite, Technology October 16, 2017

Marketing techniques change as rapidly as tax laws and accounting standards. To stay competitive in the marketplace, grow your practice and manage your firm’s online reputation, you have to reach new prospects and keep up with the demands of your client base.

For Building Your Business

Prospects are more tech-savvy today than they were 10 years ago. Many of them grew up with technology — or have adapted to it — so they expect to be served differently. They don’t wait for brochures or prospect meetings to learn about your firm. They do their homework online before you even have the chance to shake their hand.

What do prospects see when they Google your firm? What’s their first impression of your firm when they research you? Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of information that will guide them to the decision to engage your services?

There’s more to social media marketing than having a Facebook page, a LinkedIn account or a Twitter profile. Social media provides an opportunity to build your brand equity, showcase your thought leadership and start a dialogue. Prospects expect to glean some advice, analysis and insight from your firm before making the decision to engage you. Having a cohesive communication strategy across multiple channels means prospects will easily find and interact with your firm early in their research process.

For Keeping Clients Happy

But social media isn’t just about business development. It’s also about client retention. Client expectations have changed with the dawn of the digital age. They expect you to provide real-time answers to an array of questions. They expect you to provide them not only with the news of regulatory changes but also with an analysis of how those changes will impact them — all in a timely (in their view, immediate) manner. They expect you to be accessible and to communicate with them regularly through channels they already use, including social media. And if you’re not providing the content they’re looking for, someone else probably is.

For Growing Your Staff

Potential employees also review your social media presence to determine whether it’s a good fit from a cultural perspective. Their perception of your firm based on your social media communications may affect their decision to apply for an open position.

So, why do you need social media marketing? Your social presence, or lack thereof, can be critical to your firm’s continuity. If executed properly, social media will help you adapt to the changing expectations of your clients, which will improve retention. You’ll be more accessible to prospects, clients and future employees. You’ll be more competitive in the marketplace. You’ll influence the prospects’ decision-making process.

You already invest in new technologies for your firm; now it’s time to invest in new communication methods. Embrace progressive practices. Make social media an integral part of your firm’s marketing and communication plans.

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