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Creating stickier client relationships with payroll services

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

How does partnering with a third-party payroll provider help improve client relationships? We sat down with Crystal Royce, CPA from Royce CPA Firm to get her perspective.

Crystal often refers to herself as the “Chief CPA” at her firm. She has partnered with myPay Solutions for years. She views payroll services as the conduit for making her client relationships stickier.

As the owner and CEO of a small accounting firm with four full-time employees and two part-time staff, Crystal says that payroll services allow her to solidify her client relationships. She believes that her clients  are more likely to stay with her for all of their tax and accounting service needs because of the payroll solutions she offers. Crystal has personal experience doing payroll the “old-fashioned” way (with an Excel spreadsheet and the Circular E) and admits that the tediousness of that process, along with being anchored to the office to approve payrolls every week was “awful.”

She determined that when she started her own firm, she would never take that approach again. Processing payroll takes up valuable time. It can be all-consuming, and even make it impossible to go on vacation because you always have to be there to approve the payrolls. Crystal says that partnering with myPay Solutions has made the whole process much more streamlined for her firm.

Crystal whole-heartedly recommends a partner-sourced payroll solution like myPay Solutions to all accountants.

Watch Crystal’s interview here.


Why choose myPay Solutions?

With myPay Solutions, you can offer your clients easy and efficient payroll services without the liability or hassle of processing payroll yourself. Implementing a streamlined payroll processing partnership with a trusted advisor like Thomson Reuters enables you to empower your staff, focus on client relationships, and enhance your advisory services to help your clients make better business decisions.

Find out how myPay Solutions can benefit your firm and improve your client relationships in this informative whitepaper, Start Your Growth Engine: Rev Up Your Profits with the Right Approach to Payroll.

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