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Converting Data from Payroll CS® to Accounting CS® Payroll

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions, CS Professional Suite Payroll Solutions October 16, 2015

If you’ve ever had extra pay items after converting a payroll client from Payroll CS to Accounting CS Payroll, we can show you how to avoid this. The extra pay items occur because multiple clients share payroll items in Payroll CS, but payroll items are client-specific in Accounting CS. You can prevent those extra pay items by following a few additional steps in Payroll CS before converting.

For example, this scenario can happen if the client has at least one employee with the same pay item but different pay rates in multiple departments. Prior to converting, you’ll need to set up additional pay items in Payroll CS for any such employee—that is, one pay item to correspond with each pay rate, or set the pay rate to be the same for each department. Also, due to the ability to assign taxes at the employee and client level, jurisdiction-specific payroll items assigned to employees in CS Professional Suite® Accounting (e.g., “Wages—MI” or “Wages—OH”) can be combined into a single pay item in Accounting CS Payroll (e.g., “Wages”).

For more detailed information about converting your data, please read our Payroll CS to Accounting CS Payroll Conversion guide.