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Exporting Reports from Accounting CS and Workpapers CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions March 7, 2014

Accounting CS and Workpapers CS iconsAccounting CS and Workpapers CS enable you to export reports in a variety of file formats, to a printer, or directly to other CS Professional Suite applications, including sharing data. Here’s how:

  1. Choose File > Print Reports.
  2. In the Print Reports screen, double-click each report you would like to export and specify the desired print options for that report. Each report will appear in the “Selected Reports” list.
  3. Once you’ve selected all the reports you wish to export, click the Print Selected  button to open the Print dialog, where you can choose to print the report or export it to a file format or another CS Professional Suite application. Output options include:
    • Printer
    • FileCabinet CS
    • NetClient CS Documentation Presentation
    • Engagement CS
    • Adobe Acrobat® (*.pdf)
    • HTML (*.html)
    • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
    • Text File (*.txt)
    • Tagged Image File (*.tif)
    • Microsoft® Excel® (*.xls)

More information on exporting reports is available in our Help & How-to Center.