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Importing Journal Entries from Fixed Assets CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions March 10, 2014

Accounting CS and Workpapers CS enable you to import journal entries from Fixed Assets CS. Here’s how:

Pre-Import Procedure in Fixed Assets CS

Before you can import Fixed Assets CS journal entry data into Accounting CS or Workpapers CS, you must create a journal entry transaction file in Fixed Assets CS. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Choose File > Print and print either the Book or the Tax Group Summary report, depending on which treatment balances you want to use to make the journal entry. Use the report to verify that each asset group’s cost and accumulated depreciation beginning balances for the current period coincide with the beginning balances for the corresponding accounts in Accounting CS or Workpapers CS.
  2. Choose Setup > Journal Entry Accounts.
  3. In the Journal Entry Accounts dialog, assign a unique number from 2.00 to 99.99 in the Journal entry reference number field at the top of the dialog. The application will use this number when the transaction is posted in Accounting CS or Workpapers CS.
  4. To make a single journal entry for all assets, mark the Create a single journal entry for all assets checkbox.
  5. Mark the Journal entry for Accounting CS or Workpapers CS checkbox.Accounting CS Journal Entry dialog

    Note: Each checkbox is available only if the application and client data paths for Accounting CS or Workpapers CS have been entered correctly in the File Locations tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog in Fixed Assets CS. Specify the treatment to use for the journal entry by clicking either the Tax or the Book option.

  6. Complete the fields in the grid for each asset group, including the journal entry description, the applicable general ledger account number, and the offset account number.
  7. Click OK to close the Journal Entry Accounts dialog. Fixed Assets CS will now automatically create journal entry transaction files for each period that the client processes in that application.

To view journal entry information that is ready to be imported into Accounting CS or Workpapers CS, choose Tasks > Display Journal Entry.

Performing the Import in Accounting CS or Workpapers CS

  1. Choose File > Import > Client Data.
  2. In the Import Client Data Wizard, select the applicable client from the Client Name field, if it’s not already selected.
  3. Verify that Fixed Assets CS is selected in the Source field and select the appropriate file from the File name field. The Fixed Assets CS export file is named Trans.<client ID> GL<period end date>.xml, where <client ID> represents the ID of the client andrepresents the current period end date in Fixed Assets CS.
  4. Click the Finish button.

More information on importing journal entries is available in our Help & How-to Center.