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New Accounting CS Report Designer Simplifies Financial Statement Creation

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions September 8, 2014

Accounting CS iconThe September 8 release of Accounting CS (vs2014.1.1) includes an enhanced report designer that provides a simpler, more flexible way to design reports and financials. Its new features include:

  • A user-friendly Formula screen within the row, cell, and period properties  that generates spreadsheet-style equations and formulas. There’s no need to insert programming syntax or special codes. Just click to select the data you want displayed and add the mathematical function you want to generate a formula.
  • Improved descriptions that list full accounting period codes.  No need to remember abbreviated program codes. We’ve also added the ability to use period codes in formulas.  For example, it’s not possible to create a formula that subtracts prior year-to-date activity from current year-to-date activity to display the variance between years.
  • Simplified row, column, and cell  summing with a formula wizard that makes it easy to control where totals appear in a report.

We’re proud of our new release, and we couldn’t have done it without our Accounting CS Ideas Community members. They submitted many of the ideas for the improvements in Accounting CS v2014.1.1. Keep the great ideas coming!

The new release is available now on the My Product Downloads page of our website. Virtual Office CS and SaaS for CS Professional Suite users have been upgraded automatically.