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Quickly View (and Now Print) G/L Activity in Accounting CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions January 21, 2015

In Accounting CS, there is a helpful shortcut available to quickly view General Ledger Activity.  You can access it by going into a client-specific screen (where the Client drop-down list appears in the upper-right corner) and pressing CTRL+G. Or you can choose Actions > View Account Activity. This opens a dialog that enables you to select a specific account, as well as the date, basis, and/or journal for which to display account activity.

Accounting CS View Account Activity dialog

The CTRL+G shortcut is a fast way to view the transaction activity for a single account, with the option of easily filtering activity for a specific date, basis, or journal. 

Note: We have added the ability to print from the Actions > View Account Activity dialog (Accounting CS Ideas Community, #289).