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Setting up Staff and Engagement Data in Workpapers CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions September 30, 2013

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Before you begin processing engagements with Workpapers CS, you’ll need to set up your staff and engagement data. We’ve found that users generally get the best results when they complete the setup steps in the following order:

  1. Enable security and enter firm information
    The first step in setting up your Workpapers CS application is to enable security for your firm from the Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences tab. This one-time step enables you to set up security groups and privileges for staff members who will access the engagement binders on a regular basis. After you’ve done this, use the Firm screen to enter information about your firm and set up items your firm will use to process engagement data for your clients.
  2. Enter staff information
    In this step, you’ll enter information about the staff members at your firm who will use Workpapers CS. You can also tailor Workpapers CS to the way your staff works.
  3. Enter client information
    In this step, you’ll set up client records and define the information that you’ll be tracking and processing for your clients.
  4. Set up additional features
    You don’t have to set up additional features to start processing engagement data, but they may help you process client data more efficiently. These features include custom fields, data entry confirmation, and event tracking.
  5. Set up your first engagement
    You can begin setting up your first engagement by adding an engagement binder and assigning an engagement.

You’ll find more detailed information on these steps in our Help & How-To Center.

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