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Tax Season Tips for Processing W-2s and 1099s in CS Professional Suite Accounting (CSA)

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions December 4, 2013

Here are a few steps you’ll want to complete before you produce and transmit electronic W-2s and 1099s with CSA. 

Unzip your W-2 file before verifying with AccuWage 

Be sure to unzip your W-2 file prior to testing it in AccuWage – or mark the Do not zip file checkbox on the Save to Submittable Format dialog prior to saving the file. Note, however, that the file must be zipped before sending it to the SSA to reduce transmission time. 

Verify that the amounts on Your W-2s are correct 

If any of the amounts on your W-2s are incorrect, there are several things you can check: 

  • Print both the Earnings Report and the Payroll Tax Summary to verify that earnings are correct for each employee.
  • On the Tax Treatment tab of the Setup > System Configuration > Pay Items (or Deduction Items) dialog, verify that the appropriate tax treatment has been specified for the employee’s pay items and deduction items.
  • On the Description and W-2 Info tab of the Setup > System Configuration > Pay Items (or Deduction Items or Withholding Items) dialog, verify that the pay, deduction, and withholding items are marked to flow to the appropriate W-2 boxes.
  • On the Print Options tab of the Utilities > W-2 Form Processing > 2013 dialog, check the setting of the Automatically Adjust FICA option. With this checkbox marked, CSA automatically adjusts the FICA amounts according to the taxable wages. Clear the checkbox if you want the FICA and federal amounts to match those on the Earnings Report.
  • Check for prior-year information in the Other W-2 item and Other W-2 amt fields of the Personal/W-2 tab of the employee’s window and remove any data that is not appropriate for current year processing. 

Create an electronic file without printing

There’s no need to select forms to print if you only want to create an electronic file. You can create an electronic file by marking the Create W-2 file or  Create 1099 file checkbox in the W-2 or 1099 Form Processing dialog. Then, click Print. 

When you’re ready to file your W-2s and 1099s

  • Choose Utilities > W-2 Form Processing or Utilities > 1099 Form Processing and specify the appropriate forms.
  • Before uploading the file to the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), be sure to mark either the Create W-2 file or Create 1099 file checkbox and then choose the File > (W-2 or 1099) File Utilities > Save to Submittable Format command. If you omit this step, your file will be rejected.

To file W-2s and 1099s for multiple clients at one time 

Choose Utilities > W-2 Form Processing > Global W-2 Form Processing or Utilities > 1099 Form Processing > Global 1099 Form Processing. 

To process a large number of vendor 1099s at year-end for a Write-Up CS® Client 

You can use the Utilities > Import > ASCII File command to import vendor name and address information. For details on how to do this, choose Utilities > Import > ASCII File and then click the View Conversion Guide button. 

Note: You must select the 1099 item and enter the year-to-date distributions in the Adjustment field for each vendor record on the Distributions tab of the Setup > Vendors window, as that information cannot be imported.