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Updated Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reports Available in Accounting CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions February 5, 2014

We’ve made several major enhancements to the ACA reports that we originally released in 2013. The new versions feature vastly improved functionality, so you may want to give them another look. The updated reports include:

Average Full-Time Employees Worksheet – This report is useful for determining whether an employer will be classified as a “large” employer for ACA purposes. It lists the average number of employees, including the number of full-time employees and the number of full-time equivalent employees for each month included in the selected date range.

Average Hours Worksheet – This report is useful for identifying the employees to whom you must offer health insurance for ACA purposes. It lists the average number of hours worked per week for all or selected employees, including the beginning date of the first pay period, the ending date of the last pay period, the number of weeks included in the date range, and the number of hours worked.

The improved reports were made available on January 27, 2014 in Accounting CS Software update v. 2013.1.13. You’ll find more detailed information in Accounting CS User Bulletin UB 8081.

Note: Only staff members who are in security groups with access to the Report Designer are automatically granted access to new reports. To grant permission for new reports to other security groups, mark the checkboxes for the appropriate reports in the Reports tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Security Groups screen and/or the Setup > Firm Information > Client Security Groups screen for each applicable security group.