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Using the Roll Forward Feature in Workpapers CS

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions June 6, 2013

Workpapers CS iconThe Roll Forward feature in Workpapers CS enables you to copy an existing engagement binder to use as a starting point for the next year. The roll forward process is similar to creating an engagement binder from an existing engagement, but it includes several time-saving features, including:

  • The Roll Forward process automatically selects the current engagement binder.
  • The Roll Forward process determines if the workpaper should be included, excluded, or replaced in the next engagement binder.
  • Workpapers that are replaced are updated with the template workpaper of your choice.

When you create a new binder using the Roll Forward feature:

  • Workpapers CS makes no changes to your original engagement binder.
  • You can change the dates for the engagement binder in the Engagement Binders screen.
  • Workpapers CS does not carry workpaper signoffs, history, or notes into the new engagement binder. It does update links in Microsoft Excel and Word workpapers to reflect the balances based on the current engagement period end date. For example, if an Excel workpaper displays 2012 and 2011 data before roll forward, it will display 2013 and 2012 data after roll forward.

When should you roll forward an engagement?

The Roll Forward process can take place any time during the engagement process, but it is usually started after work in the engagement binder has been completed, or is close to completion. Workpapers CS uses the existing engagement binder as a template to create next year’s engagement binder.

Note: Staff members must be assigned the appropriate privileges to perform a Roll Forward. For details about security features in the application, see the security overview in our Help & How-To Center.

How is the roll forward performed?

There are several ways to initiate the Roll Forward process:

  • Click the Roll Forward Roll Forward button button in the toolbar of the Engagement Binders Tree portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard.
  • Right-click the Engagement Binder Briefcase in the tree view of the Engagement Binders Tree portlet and choose Roll Forward.
  • Click the Roll Forward button in the Engagement Binders screen.

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