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Eliminate Data Entry with FileCabinet CS Source Document Processing

CS Professional Suite Document Management Solutions, CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions December 12, 2013

FileCabinet CS iconThe optional FileCabinet CS Source Document Processing module allows you to easily import info from paper source documents-eliminating the need to manually enter source document data. 

With Source Document Processing, you have the ability to transmit scanned tax source documents to our secure data center for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing, page naming, and data extraction. You can then export the extracted tax data from FileCabinet CS into the UltraTax CS Source Data Entry utility, where you can review and modify the data before exporting the data into UltraTax CS for use in preparing individual tax returns. 

The following steps outline the process:

  1. You begin the process by scanning your client’s  source documents into FileCabinet CS. See Scanning Directly into FileCabinet CS in our Help & How-To Center for more info.  
  2. Next, you transmit the scanned documents from FileCabinet CS to our secure data center for Source Document Processing. In this step, we use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to capture data directly from the scanned source documents, label each document, organize related documents into groups, and produce a neatly labelled and organized set of client source documents.
  3. After finishing the automated OCR process, you can retrieve the labelled and organized client source documents into FileCabinet CS via CS Connect. Because each document is automatically labelled and related documents are grouped together, selecting a document for viewing is fast and easy.
  4. Finally, you can export the scanned source document data to the UltraTax CS Source Data Entry utility, where you can verify and correct the data as needed. After reviewing the data, you can seamlessly transfer the source document data into your client’s 1040 tax return in UltraTax CS.

 Important Release Info

  • After 2013 FileCabinet CS is installed, you will no longer be able to export source document data into 2012 UltraTax CS Source Data Entry. Instead, 2013 FileCabinet CS can be used to export processed documents into 2013 UltraTax CS once the 2013 UltraTax CS Source Data Entry module is made available on December 18, 2013, via CS Connect (provided you already have the initial 2013 programs installed).
  • Because of the release info stated above, we recommend that you do not transmit source documents in 2013 FileCabinet CS via CS Connect until the release of the 2013 UltraTax CS Source Data Entry module on December 18.
  • Integration with Workpapers CS for Source Document Processing has been added. 

Need More Info?

View this tutorial to see how to use Source Document Processing from start to finish. (To view the video, you must have Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher installed.) 

You can also review the Source Document Processing Fact Sheet for more info about the process, as well as supported forms and brokerage statements.