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Managing Client Communications with Mapped Contacts in GoFileRoom

CS Professional Suite Document Management Solutions December 4, 2013

As an administrator, you can add fields to a lookup list that allows users to map contacts in the Notification Rules portlet of the Home screen. Once you’ve created a lookup list, it’s easy to automate the delivery of notifications to your clients by following these steps:

  1. Create a field on a lookup list that allows an email address to be entered.
  2. Mark the Available for Notifications checkbox in the Lists tab.
  3. Populate the new data field by importing, previewing, or synchronizing your lookup lists.

    Note: For more information on synchronizing lookup lists, contact GoFileRoom Support.

  4. Click the Save button.

Now, when you create a notification that includes a condition for a specified user or group, they can select a mapped contact from the Mapped Contact drop-down list in the Select person or groups dialog of the Rules Wizard.

For more information, view the related topic: GoFileRoom notifications overview

You can also view an instructional video on Linking mapped contacts to notifications
(approx. 4 minutes). View video