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Automate Your 1040 Tax Workflow

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions, CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions October 14, 2013

From initial data collection through preparation, review, and delivery of the final return, an automated tax workflow process saves you precious time and reduces the chance for data entry errors.

In our product brief, Automating Tax Workflow: Leveraging Technology to Refine 1040 Workflow, we give your firm a starting point for adopting an automated end-to-end 1040 tax workflow. Discover how technology enables your tax professionals to make the best use of their time by focusing on chargeable tax work.

Want to learn more about automating your 1040 tax workflow? See how UltraTax CS and the CS Professional Suite work together to automate your tax workflow at the link below:

Individual Tax Workflow with UltraTax CS

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