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Practice CS Release Info and Enhancements

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions November 5, 2013

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We appreciate the feedback and suggestions for product improvement provided by our customers each year, and we work to address as many of them as possible in our product releases. Listed below are some of our enhancements that are based on customer suggestions and included in our November 2013 release of Practice CS.

Turn on Security to Use New Features

Many of the new features that are included in each program update of Practice CS are protected by security privileges. If your firm has enabled firm security, you’ll want to evaluate all enhancements while logged in as a staff member with administrator security rights, then update your security groups as needed. For more information about enhancements, see What’s New in Practice CS.

New Enhancements

  • Phone number masks available – Phone numbers can now be formatted automatically throughout the database according to the firm’s preference by choosing Setup > Firm > Preferences and selecting a format under Contact setup options.
  • Automatic spell check in Time & Expense Entry, Billing, and Receipt & Adjustment Entry – A user preference option has been added to check spelling automatically when entering comments in Time & Expense Entry, Receipt & Adjustment Entry, and the Compose tab in Detail Billing.
  • Client Notes editable on Client Dashboard – Integrated client notes from the Clients setup screen can now be added and edited directly from the Client Notes portlet.
  • Compose text now available in the Prior Invoices portlet on the Client Dashboard – When viewing the Prior Invoices portlet you have the ability to show invoice information via the portlet options (right-click and choose Show Options). There is now an additional tab that displays the Compose text information that was entered on the invoice.
  • Open Projects Only checkbox added to Clients setup screen – You can filter completed projects from the Clients setup screen by marking the Open Projects Only checkbox on the Projects tab.
  • Additional column fields now available in the Projects tab of the Clients setup screen – A field chooser icon has been added to the top right corner of the project grid on the Project tab of the Clients setup screen. This allows you to customize the columns of information about projects that you would like to see.
  • Length of CPA Certification # has been increased – CPA certification numbers have increased in length and the field’s character limit has been increased to accommodate this change.
  • Projects can now be required on time and expense entries – A new firm preference to require projects in time and expense entry is available in Setup > Firm > Preferences tab. This preference requires staff to select a project when an open project exists for the selected engagement.
  • Non-billable time and expenses can automatically be marked as relieved during billing – A new firm-wide option lets you mark non-billable time to be relieved automatically during the billing process by choosing Setup > Firm > Billing and A/R tab and marking the Automatically Relieve Nonbillable WIP checkbox.
  • Undo button added to Compose tab in Detail Billing – The new Undo button within the Compose tab makes it more convenient to undo changes while composing an invoice.
  • Text can now be copied from previous invoices and pasted into the current invoice – Compose text can be copied from a previewed invoice and pasted into an existing invoice, even if the earlier invoice has been posted or paid. Compose text can also be copied from the Prior Invoice portlet on the Client Dashboard by clicking the Client Dashboard link at the bottom of the Detail Billing screen.
  • Invoices can now be sent to a NetClient CS portal without requiring credit card processing – You can now send invoices to a NetClient CS portal without signing up for InterceptEFT® credit card processing. A pay option will not be available unless credit card processing is enabled.
  • Invoices posted to NetClient CS portals can be marked as paid from Receipt & Adjustment Entry – Invoices posted to NetClient CS will now show a NetClient CS Portal icon next to the entry in the Applied Amounts dialog during Receipt & Adjustment Entry. Right-click the entry to mark the invoice as paid and move it to the Paid tab within NetClient CS.
  • Projects can be grouped and filtered by extension status – A field has been added to all project screens to allow you to group or filter by the status Is Extended. Previously, you were required to filter or group by Extension Number.
  • Additional task descriptions can be added independent of activity selected – You can now add a description to a task to differentiate task steps that may use the same activity.
  • Audit history has been added to track project and task changes – A History tab has been added to all projects and tasks to track the changes for each occurrence of a project or task.
  • CPE accountancies can now be added or edited – You can now add and edit CPE accountancies, along with their applicable categories and types, by choosing Setup > CPE Course > Accountancies.

More Info?

For details and a complete list of changes, please refer to the User Bulletin that accompanies the release. You can also check out Practice CS Product Enhancements on our website.