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Support Answers Practice CS Questions on User Preferences, Changing Views, and Reviewing Time

CS Professional Suite Firm & Workflow Management Solutions July 10, 2013

How can I speed up entering time and expenses in Practice CS?

You can use your user preferences to speed up entry of time, expenses, receipts, and adjustments by skipping fields that pull default values and hiding fields that your firm doesn’t use.

Here is an example of how you can save time by selecting default dates:

Choose Setup > User Preferences and click the Time and Expense tab.

  • Set the user preference for the Sheet Date field to be Today’s Date and mark the checkbox to skip this field
  • Set the Date field to the default value of Sheet Date and mark the checkbox to skip this field
  • Mark the checkboxes to skip the Comment and Biller Note fields

Now, when you open the Time and Expense Entry screen, the Sheet Date field will be auto-populated with today’s date and the field will be skipped. You can immediately start entering time, and as you tab through the fields, the Date field will be populated with the sheet date, and your cursor will skip this field when tabbing through. You will also skip the Comment and Biller Note fields, but because the fields are not hidden, you’ll be able to click into them if you need to add a comment or biller note.

For more information on the User Preferences screen please visit the Help & How-To Center article Setting up user preferences for time & expense entry.

How can I change my list views in the Practice CS setup screens?

Use View > List Pane to move lists from their default locations. In the Clients setup screen, choose View > List Pane, and choose the location of the list of clients. If you choose Top, the list of clients will be moved above the tabs of client information. The setting you choose will be applied to any area of the program where similar lists of items are available.

How can I review my time without leaving the Time & Expense Entry screen?

Use the Time Recap tab at the bottom of the Time & Expense Entry screen to view hours entered during a specified time frame. Select a date range and see the recap of billable, nonbillable, and administrative time entered, as well as total hours entered. Staff members can use this info to verify hours entered for a week, day, month, and so on, to match their targeted work hours.