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7 Must-Have Tax Software Features

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions August 18, 2014

You’re productive with your current tax software. But if you could do even more – in less time – why wouldn’t you? Thousands of UltraTax CS users are already doing just that. Here are seven of their favorite features:

  1. An extensive library of state and local form coverage, including virtually every 1065/1120S composite return, as well as personal property tax forms
  2. The ability to view forms and calculated amounts before obtaining the REP code  for non-unlimited licensing returns
  3. Reporting features that enable you to view all clients across any tax return type in a single list or report – no need to switch views based on return type
  4. The ability to set up and manage multiple offices from a single installation
  5. Better Windows compatibility that enables you to use older versions of UltraTax CS in Microsoft® Windows 7
  6. True multi-monitor flexibility that supports up to four monitors with independent views
  7. Automatic sharing of K-1 and demographic data between returns based on tax ID numbers

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We’d love to show you what you could do with the additional features, forms, and functionality in UltraTax CS. Hundreds of firms across the United States have already made the move, and are now happily – and profitably – using the software ranked #1 in the Journal of Accountancy Tax Software survey. We even have an extensive Welcome Services program that will help your firm make a smooth transition to UltraTax CS. 

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