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A Busy Season Guide to UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 6, 2014

UltraTax CS iconWe want to make sure you have the tools you need for an efficient, productive tax season with UltraTax CS. So we’ve gathered some answers to commonly asked questions in this tax season guide. We hope you find it helpful.

Using the Thomson Reuters Help & How-To Center

Our Help & How-to Center is a one-stop source for UltraTax CS resources. It features a wide variety of tutorials, videos, and FAQs, with a Google-based search feature that makes it quick and easy to find what you need. You can access the Help & How-To Center at any time by pressing F1 or CTRL +Y in UltraTax CS, by clicking the Help button on the toolbar, or by choosing Help > Help & How-To Center. You’ll find a helpful overview of the Help & How-To Center here.

Setting Up UltraTax CS to Use Refund Advantage Bank Products for 1040 Electronic Returns

If you’ve been approved by Refund Advantage to provide refund transfers (RTs), you’ll need to set up UltraTax CS to include bank products with designated 1040 electronic returns. You’ll find a step-by-step guide to this process here.

Transmitting Electronic Returns and Retrieving Acknowledgements Using CS Connect

You’ll use CS Connect to transmit electronic files for returns and extensions, as well as to retrieve electronic filing acknowledgments letting you know that your returns have been accepted or rejected. You’ll find an overview of the process here.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the process if your firm uses multiple installations of UltraTax CS and/or multiple file locations.

Note: Don’t rename UltraTax CS clients after transmitting electronic files unless our support department has advised you to do so. This will prevent CS Connect from retrieving client acknowledgements.

Printing an e-File Acknowledgement Form (Form 9325)

Once your electronically filed returns have been accepted, you may want to print a copy of the Form 9325, E-file Acknowledgement form. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide that covers printing paper copies of the form, as well as saving an electronic version. You’ll find the guide here.

Using the IRS e-file Signature Authorization for 1040 Electronic Filing

When you e-file a tax return using UltraTax CS, the ERO, taxpayer, or spouse can enter their Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), or UltraTax CS can generate them automatically.

We’ve put together a helpful guide to the IRS e-file signature authorization process. You’ll find the guide here.

Video: E-filing with UltraTax CS

We’ve created a two-minute video that provides a walkthrough of the e-filing process in UltraTax CS. You’ll find the video here.

UltraTax CS Video Library

Our video library contains a variety of helpful videos on UltraTax CS. Topics include:

  • E-filing with UltraTax CS
  • Using UltraTax CS data mining features
  • Business apportionment with UltraTax CS
  • Using the diagnostic features in UltraTax CS
  • Enabling non-professional workers to enter 1040 tax data using the UltraTax CS Source Data Entry Module
  • Schedule D import in UltraTax CS

You’ll find the videos here.

UltraTax/1040 Walkthrough Guide

We’ve created a PDF reference guide with detailed instructions on preparing 1040 returns with UltraTax CS. You’ll find the PDF here.

Customizing Tax Return Print Collation

UltraTax CS enables you to customize the collation of printed tax returns by entity type, then make further modifications on a client-by-client basis. You’ll find a helpful guide to customizing print collation here.

Printing Tax Returns

UltraTax CS enables you to print tax returns in a variety of collations for clients, governments, and other uses. You can choose to print returns to paper or to an electronic file. You’ll find a step-by-step guide to the tax return printing process here.

Activating the Bank Account Verification Worksheet

A bank account verification worksheet is a good way for clients to review their account information and let you know that it’s accurate. To activate it in UltraTax CS, access Setup > 1040 Individual > Other Return Options > Other tab, then mark the box for “Print Bank Account Verification.”

Creating an Electronic Copy of a Tax Return

You can use the Print What group box to create an electronic copy of a tax return. You’ll find an overview of the process here.

Tracking the Status of Electronically Filed Returns

Use the Electronic Filing Status dialog to track the status of electronically filed returns. You’ll find an overview of the dialog here.

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