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Business Organizers Available in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 17, 2014

With the release of 2014 UltraTax CS, you can now prepare and send business organizers for the following return types: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates/Trusts, and Exempt Organizations.  

The business organizers will be released in late November at the same time as the 1040 Client organizer, and can be delivered by the following methods. 

  • Paper
  • Email PDF
  • PDF to file
  • Web 

To set options for the Business Organizer, select the appropriate entity under the Setup menu, and then click the Organizer tab. Note that the options selected in the New client options section apply to all subsequently proforma’d clients, as well as clients subsequently added to UltraTax CS.

Business organizer packages will contain the following items. 

  • Letter(s) –  Consent, Engagement, Cover
  • Questionnaire –  Each business entity will provide a default questionnaire that can be modified. The same questionnaire that prints with the paper version will also be available for the web version.
  • Microsoft® Excel® (.xls) File –  This file will contain the following prior-year data when the client is proforma’d.
    • 1120: Shareholder information, if applicable; list of officers; and financial activity
    • 1065: Partner information
    • 1041: Beneficiary information
    • 990: Officer and contributor information

You can select client-specific options on Screen OrgOpts in the Organizer folder within a client, including the selection of a return-specific Business Organizer cover letter, organizer questionnaire, and the detail to be included in the Excel file.

Note: You can import changes to the organizer notes and organizer questionnaire from the Web Business Organizer. All other changes that are noted by the client in the Excel file must be manually entered. 

To print a business organizer, complete the following steps.

  1. From the File menu, select Print Organizers.
  2. If the current client is a business client, then select the desired delivery option and click Print, Email, or Assemble.
  3. If you are printing multiple clients, click the Clients button and select the appropriate clients, then click Print.


  • When you select multiple clients to print, UltraTax CS marks the Per-client settings option in the Print Organizers dialog, indicating that for each client, UltraTax CS will use the desired organizer delivery method selected for that client in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.
  • UltraTax CS does not create the Excel file when you select the Paper option .

For more information on the new Business Organizer, refer to the following UltraTax CS User Bulletins:

More Information?
For more information on the new Business Organizer, refer to the following UltraTax CS User Bulletins:

  • 1120US-14.1.0:  Initial Release
  • 1065US-14.1.0:  Initial Release
  • 1041US-14.1.0:  Initial Release
  • 990US-14.1.0:  Initial Release 

Also see the new UltraTax CS Business Organizer overview on our Help & How-To Center for help on setting up and delivering Business Organizers.