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Create Batch Electronic Extensions for Corporate Clients in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 11, 2014

To save time before the March 17 deadline, you can create a batch of your clients’ electronic corporate extensions in 2013 UltraTax CS. Follow the steps below to create batch electronic extensions. 

  1. Choose File > Print Returns to open the Print Returns dialog.
    Note: You cannot create an e-file by clicking the Print Preview button on the UltraTax CS toolbar.
  2. Click the Extension option, and then mark the Create electronic file checkbox.
  3. Click the Clients button to create e-files for multiple returns.
  4. Highlight the clients’ returns you want to file electronically, and then click the Select button.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click the Options button, click the Extension Print Options tab, and click the appropriate option in the Which group box.
  7. Click OK to return to the Print Returns dialog.
  8. Click the Print button. 

Electronic extension returns are created for all designated client returns that did not have errors on the E-File Error Report. The extensions are now ready for transmission. 


  • UltraTax CS automatically completes the File extension electronically field in Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder.
  • If you’re using electronic funds withdrawal to pay the balance due on an extension, you must complete the Personal Identification Number (PIN) information for extensions, including the Requested payment date field in Screen ELF.
  • If you have any state returns attached for which you are also creating the extensions, you must enter the appropriate state data in the client’s return to prepare a complete and accurate extension. 

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