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Designate Preparers as Form 2848 Representatives (Power of Attorney)

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions December 9, 2014

You may have specific individuals in your firm who serve only as your clients’ powers of attorney or tax appointees. In these cases, it would not be appropriate to list them as a preparer for regular tax preparation purposes. Starting with 2014 UltraTax CS, you can designate preparers as being available only for Forms 2848 and 8821, while being excluded from the preparer selection under File > Client Properties within a client. 

Follow these steps to designate a preparer for Forms 2848 and 8821 purposes: 

  1. Choose Setup > Office Configuration and click the Preparers tab.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter all applicable information.
  4. Mark the This preparer only available on POA input screens, it will not be available for selection in File > New Client or Client Properties checkbox.
  5. To select this individual for Form 2848 and/or Form 8821 purposes only, open the applicable client and open Screen POA in the General folder. Then, in the Representative #1: Name field, select the appropriate preparer from the drop-down list.

More Information?

Refer to UltraTax CS Platform User Bulletin for more information on this POA enhancement.