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Driving Revenue with UltraTax CS Data Mining, Part 9: Find and remind clients who have estimated tax payments coming due

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions September 12, 2014

Like most of us in the profession, you probably have clients who leave your office with their completed returns on April 12 and don’t talk to you again until the following April 1. Nothing is more frustrating than when these clients miss important deadlines like estimated tax payments, then blame you for the consequences when they finally show up at your office. 

UltraTax CS Data Mining provides a solution to this problem by enabling you to quickly identify all clients who have an estimated tax payment coming up, them communicate with them en masse with reminder letters or emails. This can save you from a lot of awkward conversations about missed payments. The 9/15 deadline is coming up fast, so now is the time. 

UltraTax CS Data Mining contains all of the necessary predefined searches and letters across all entity types, making this process a snap. The steps below guide you through the process of identifying customers with third quarter estimated payments due and generating print or e-mail correspondences to each. While the steps below mention 1040 individual returns, you can follow the same steps for any taxpaying return type. 

Estimate reminder letters make for a great marketing opportunity as well. You might consider editing the letter before following the steps below to promote year-end tax planning or other services. 

  1. Open UltraTax CS and choose Utilities > Data Mining.
  2. Select 1040 Individual and click the Continue (Step 2) button.
  3. In the Print selection area, change the drop-down from Reports to Letters, then select over Estimate Reminder 3rd Quarter.
  4. UltraTax CS will automatically select the associated search criteria, Form 1040-ES clients – 3rd quarter estimate.

    Note: By default, UltraTax CS searches for the presence of an estimated payment inboth federal and state returns (and references both in the corresponding letter). If you’d like to search for Federal payments only, unmark theCombine federal/state box on the right.

  5. Click Continue at the bottom to proceed to Step 3.
  6. After the search completes and you arrive at Step 3, UltraTax CS provides you with the option to send a pre-written email to the clients identified in the search. Here’s how to set it up.
    1. Mark the option at the top of the screen to Email client letters as PDF attachments, if email address is available  (making sure to also specify a Subject of email immediately below).
    2. Click the button towards the bottom-right to Mark only clients with email address.

      If you only mark the option described in itema and do not click the button described in item b, an estimate reminder letter will physically print for any clients who have an estimated payment due but do not have an e-mail address on file. 

This is the last entry in my UltraTax CS Data Mining blog series. I’ve enjoyed putting these posts together, and I hope they’ve helped you take advantage of what I think is one of the most exciting features in UltraTax CS. If you have any data mining questions that I haven’t answered, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to get back to you. You’ll also find a variety of data mining tutorials and videos in our Help & How-To Center.