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Easily View the Status History of Your Tax Clients in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 31, 2014

UltraTax CS Quick TipThe UltraTax CS client status system tracks the progress of your clients’ returns during tax season. You can view the progress of all returns at a glance, create comprehensive reports listing detailed status info, identify and avoid delays in processing, and manage your firm’s workflow more effectively.

UltraTax CS tracks certain events automatically as they occur (such as printing and e-filing events), and also enables you to create and track events that are part of your return processing via the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab.

With a tax return open, you can easily see the status history of your clients by using the Client Status function within the toolbar of the program. For example, to see when the open tax return was proforma’d, printed last, or whether it has been e-filed and accepted yet, click the Client Status button UltraTax CS Client Status Buttonon the toolbar. By clicking on the small drop down arrow next to the clock face, you can view a detailed history of the events occurring within the client, as seen below. Hovering over certain events, like “Closed Client,” displays additional info such as how much time was spent in the client. 

UltraTax CS Client History

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