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Enabling Multi-Line Statements in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 8, 2014

Statement dialogs in UltraTax CS enable you to enter detailed information in order to prepare and print the statements required by taxing authorities. 

How does a user determine what is necessary for processing returns? Incomplete information in some statement dialogs lead to ELF rejects or potentially incorrect calcs. Don’t encourage incomplete data entry.

Certain statements were designed to display a single record on multiple lines during data-entry (such as Interest income, as seen below). This display eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling within statements. To enable this multi-line statement option, choose Setup > User Preferences > Data Entry tab and mark the Enable multi-line statements checkbox. 

UltraTax CS Interest Income data entry

More Info?

Refer to a Statements overview article in our Help & How-To Center for more info on this topic.