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Enhancements to Estimated Tax Payments in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions February 6, 2014

UltraTax CS icon2013 UltraTax CS includes the following enhancements to the entry and reporting of estimated tax payments, many of which come directly from user requests. 

Displaying Estimate Payment as Paid –  An Other Return Option was added to report the amount of an estimate along with “Paid,” instead of a zero, for an estimate that has been indicated as paid. This feature can be enabled  by marking the Print ‘Paid’ next to payments indicated as paid on Screen Est checkbox in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Other Return Options > Client Documentstab.  

Below is the new presentation when enabling the Client Documents option.

UltraTax CS Client Documents presentation window

On Screen Est in the Payments folder, a new column is available for 2014 Estimates paid (as seen below).

UltraTax CS 2014 Estimates window

Balance Due – UltraTax/1040 now enables you to include only estimates with a balance due in the filing instructions. In the past, estimates would display a zero in the filing instructions if no amount was due. This feature can be enabled by marking the Include only balance due estimate amounts in the filing instructions checkbox in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Other Return Options > Client Documents tab.

Overpayments –  A new custom paragraph, called Total Next Year Est Tax Pymt (FI),reports the total next year projected estimated tax payment, including the overpayment applied from the current tax year. You can print this paragraph by selecting it from the Custom Paragraphs list located under the Letter tab in the General Folder. For more info, review this related article: Customizing client documents: custom paragraphs.

Filing Instructions Payment Options –  Screen Est in UltraTax/1040 now includes a new EFTPS filing instructions checkbox, which you can mark to use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) as the filing instructions payment option. This option is designed for taxpayers who use the IRS EFTPS to make their estimated tax payments.

Estimated Tax Payments Worksheet –  The detail has been expanded on the Estimated Tax Payments Worksheet for 2013 UltraTax CS. The worksheet prints on its own page, and the vouchers print on a separate page.

Smart Printing of Form 1040-ES Vouchers –  UltraTax/1040 now enables you to print only those Form 1040-ES vouchers that have a balance due. This “smart” printing of Form 1040-ES is available only when using scannable vouchers. To enable this feature, mark the Print only vouchers with balance due checkbox in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Other Return Options > Return Presentation tab, in the Vouchers group box.   

More Info?

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