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Find Clients Faster by Focusing Your Client List in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 28, 2014

UltraTax CS Quick TipUltraTax CS provides numerous ways to filter the list of clients displayed throughout the program. You may wish to see only clients with 1120 returns or filter the list based on the preparer assigned to certain clients, for example. You can accomplish filtering within dialogs that contain a Focus section, such as the Open Client and Select Clients to Print dialogs.  

New! 2013 UltraTax CS now enables you to sort by the reviewer assigned to the client, as seen below. Simply select the appropriate name from the Preparer/reviewer/staff drop-down menu to focus the list of returns to those associated with the selected person’s name.

Ultratax CS Client sort window

Below are a few of the many ways in which you can filter the Focus section of program dialogs. 

  • Fiscal year-end month
  • Return Type (1040, 1120, 1065, 1041, and Other)
  • Status event (such as “Return Printed” or “ELF File Created”)-refer to this related article for more info on modifying the Event filter: Modify Event Focus dialog

Narrowing the Client List to Clients Without an Extension Previously Printed
Filtering your list of clients to those without a Form 4868 extension printed may also be helpful in determining who else needs an extension filed. Follow the steps below to accomplish this in UltraTax CS:

  1. In the appropriate dialog, choose the Modify button from the Focus section.
  2. Click the Logged option and select Not Logged from the drop-down list.
  3. From the at event dropdown menu, double-click Printing Events  and then select Extension Printed.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The list of clients in the current dialog will now display only those clients whose extensions have not been printed. 

Note: Once you filter a dialog in UltraTax CS, other dialogs that contain a Focus section will be focused in the same manner. In order to restore the default focus options, click the Restore default focus options button from within the Focus section of the dialog. 

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