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Forms Approval in 2013 UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 3, 2014

Forms and schedules used within UltraTax CS must be approved by federal and state taxing authorities, before they may be used (i.e. printed or e-filed) from the program. To verify the approval status of forms, etc., open the UltraTax CS Home Page, click the Product Information link, select the appropriate Federal or state product, and then click the Form status link. 

UltraTax CS also generates a diagnostic message for each return that requires a form, etc. not yet approved. You can view these messages in the Federal or State Diagnostics list when you have the return open in UltraTax CS, and you choose View > Diagnostics. Form approval status updates are distributed via CS Connect™.

Electronically Filing Returns Prior to Final Forms Approval

Although UltraTax CS may allow you to create e-files for returns that contain draft, prior-year, or non-final forms, we recommend that you do not file returns, whether electronically or on paper, that include federal or state forms that are not yet approved or released.

More Info?

Refer to UltraTax CS: Forms Approval Status and Forms / Worksheets in our Help & How-To Center.