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Introducing the Office Configuration Feature in 2013 UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 18, 2013

UltraTax CS now comes equipped with an Office Configuration option under the Setup menu, enabling a firm with multiple offices to maintain settings independent of one another in an easier way than in years past.  

Areas that can be maintained on an office basis include: status events, print options, invoicing, customized client documents, and designated branch employees (preparers, reviewers and staff). 

Note: The “Reviewer” staff designation has been added for tax year 2013 to better support staff groups and workflows in larger firms. 

Multi-branch firms often take advantage of multiple UltraTax CS data locations. UltraTax CS affords you considerable flexibility in deciding the number of appropriate client data locations in concert with the new UltraTax CS Office concept. 


  • Our best-practice recommendation is that each office has its own data location. 
  • Small and medium sized firms that do business from a single location are most likely not affected by this enhancement and should enter office info (preparers, reviewers, staff, etc.) as info in  the default UltraTax CS Office, available with the initial UltraTax CS installation.  

Using Office Setup to Transfer Settings among Branches

The Office Setup feature, located under Setup > Office Configuration, allows your firm to define each office and to transfer configurable files and preparers/reviewers/staff among offices. 

Important! The Office Setup feature is optional. If your firm has one office or wishes to share the same settings among all offices, you do not need to create any offices within Office Setup. The setup options previously offered from Setup > System Configuration have either remained in Setup > System Configuration as firm-wide settings that will apply across offices, or have been relocated to Setup > Office Configuration as office settings. Tax products setup (1040, 1120, etc.) are treated as UltraTax CS office configurations, though they remain separately listed on the Setup menu. 

My Settings tab now available in Setup > User Preferences

In correlation with the new Office Configuration dialog, a new tab called My Settings now exists within Setup > User Preferences to enable staff to toggle easily between office locations and data locations. For firms using Advanced Security in UltraTax CS, note that staff will only have access to authorized office and data locations. 


For more info on this topic, refer to User Bulletin UT-13.1.0b found under Help > Bulletins in 2013 UltraTax CS.