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Save Tax-Prep Time – Modify Your Data Entry Display Settings in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 7, 2014

Would you like to make data entry more efficient and the finding of input screens more intuitive?  

The Data Entry Display tool in UltraTax CS allows you to configure the order and visibility of data entry folders and input screens. For example, if you’d prefer the Asset tab to be more accessible within the Schedule C input, then use this feature to move the Asset tab closer to the beginning of the input screen display. Additionally, hiding infrequently-used folders and input screens will help reduce the clutter during data entry. Screens that are hidden can still easily be selected for use while a client’s return is open.  

Complete the following steps to modify your Data Entry Display settings.  

  1. Choose Setup > [Product Name]  (such as 1040 Individual).
  2. Select the tab at the top for the jurisdiction’s input screens you wish to rearrange (i.e. Federal, Alabama, etc.).
  3. Click the Input Screens button in the Collation area on the right side of the screen, and select Data Entry Display from the drop-down menu which appears.
  4. To move folders or input screens, highlight the folder(s) or input screen(s) you want to move. (Note that you cannot highlight folders AND input screens at the same time.)
  5. Click the Move Up or Move Down  buttons to position the items in the desired location.
  6. To specify the display condition of specific folders or input screens, highlight the desired items in the list. (Note that you cannot highlight folders AND input screens at the same time.)
  7. Click the Always option to make the highlighted folder(s) or input screen(s) appear regardless of the presence of data, or click the If data on any input screen option (for folders) or the If data option (for input screens) to make the folder or input screen appear only when it contains data. 


  • The first screen in a folder will always inherit the display condition of the folder.
  • Any folder or screen that is not visible due to its display condition can still be selected during data entry, as needed. 
  • The settings in the Data Entry Display dialog apply to all clients of the selected product.
  • The configuration settings entered in the Data Entry Display dialog will automatically proforma to next year’s UltraTax CS application.   

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(Article updated 1/10/2014.)