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Streamline Data Entry in UltraTax CS with Keyboard Shortcuts

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 17, 2014

You might prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse to enter data or edit client documents. UltraTax CS provides two types of keyboard shortcuts that you can use.

  • Function keys can be used to quickly to navigate through various input screens and dialogs.
  • Keyboard shortcuts using the CTRL key can be used to quickly execute a menu command without having to first open the menu. The available keyboard shortcuts differ depending on the type of data you are entering. For example, those available when you enter data in input screens differ from those available when you enter data in statement dialogs. 

Below are several of the more commonly used shortcuts available in UltraTax CS:




Prints the current page of input screen or form.


Adds a new unit of the current input screen (if a multiple-unit input screen).


Opens the Diagnostics window which contains messages warning you of any incorrect data and/or additional information that is needed on the return.


In forms, changes to input screen view.


In input screens, changes to form view.


Opens the Help & How-To Center to access extensive information about using UltraTax CS.


Closes an open client.

The following topics from our Help & How-To Center list various keyboard shortcuts that are available in different areas of the application.

More Info?
For more info on this topic, including entity-specific shortcuts, access our Help & How-To Center, click Finding Answers under UltraTax CS, and search for “keyboard shortcuts.”